The oft-neglected secret to keeping your boat or personal watercraft working perfectly, day in and day out, often starts and ends with a thorough cleaning! A clean boat performs better, is more appealing to use, but also has fewer maintenance issues over the long haul.

We offer full service detailing for your boat, cleaning it from the inside out in order to keep it or bring it back to an almost-new condition. Detailing is an incredibly important maintenance step to keep your boat at its best shape, and we are here to help keep that maintenance box checked.

Our available detailing services include:

  • Full Washing
  • Hand Drying
  • Wax Application
  • Seat and Compartment Cleaning
  • Vinyl & Canvas Cleaning
  • Vinyl & Canvas Conditioning
  • Window Cleaning & Treatment
  • Hull Acid Washing
  • Pontoon Acid Washing and Cleaning
  • Scum Removal
  • Lower Unit Cleaning
  • PWC Cleaning & Waxing
  • Metal Cleaning & Shining
  • Pickup & Delivery Available

Contact us today for any inquiries about our Detailing Services or to line up an appointment to ensure your Boat or PWC is kept in pristine shape!