Hull Painting

Whether navigating the coastal waterways and attempting to protect your boat from the briny perils of salt water, or braving the oft-times murky depths of Lake Barkley, a properly protected hull can be the difference between an easy in and out routine, or hours of exhaustive cleaning, not to mention the potential maintenance and performance issues that can result from a fouled hull.

Skippers Marine is your go-to source for all types of anti-fouling, anti-fungal, and ablative hull painting.

Our available services include:

  • Boat-Bottom Pressure Washing
  • Acid Wash/Prep
  • Ablative Salt-resistant Anti-Fouling Paint Application
  • Ablative Anti-fungal Paint Application
  • Slip-resistant Coating Application
  • Pontoon Cleaning and Shining
  • Fiberglass Cleaning and Detailing

Contact us today for any inquiries about our Hull Painting and Cleaning Services or to line up an appointment to ensure your Boat or PWC is kept in pristine shape!